Gratitude Stories – Permaculture Perak

We have been blessed to have had our years of living on this unique and beautiful land in Lenggong. Our lives have been enriched in every way and we are in deep gratitude to have had this special opportunity to share our purpose with people who have visited us and who have watched the National Geographic Documentary.

We invite you to share with us here how you have been inspired yourself and how it had planted a positive seed in your life – for a sustainable future.

Your stories will be sent to the decision making authorities to urge them to pay attention that ecological and sustainable efforts are crucial to be supported.

Lastly, it is through sharing of positive stories that we humanity thrive and weave our existence with each other. We thank you for your contribution.

Emily kay Usa I appreciate the work you are doing, we all need to preserve nature and help sustain animals and plants in our world. Thanks you for the work you are doing and the change you are fostering
song USA the future is teaching our children and ourselves about responsibility to our wonderful earth. thank you.
Kim Cady USA During a time when what is important is easily forgotten, we need to protect those who never forget. Thank you for being the ones who never forget, and continue to thrive, learn, and educate
Meredith Brooks Hawai'i Thank you for leading by example. We as a society need to invest in more small scale regenerative agriculture across the world (such as your farm). It is truly the only way to feed our planet and preserve it's biodiversity!
Katherine USA Thank you for all you do and sharing your way of life with the world! We need to remind ourselves what it means to live sustainably and your example is so important — thank you!!
Rebecca Malaysia I watch the mesmerizing documentary which portraying the wonder of green in the state of Perak. The own feeding crops lifestyle is very intriguing ! Everyday get the fresh eggs and fresh plants right in the forest is so cool ! I wish to visit there to have the taste of sustainability lifestyle . Please , let the prema culture perak continues operating to serve the local , to people on the earth with beautiful sensation of real living in sustainability . Salam . Terima kasih .
Alexa Burch USA Amazing and sustainable work needs to be taught more to people both old and young. I watched the documentary and was so happy to see such care given to the land through this family.
Jc Singapore Thank you for showing us what it means to live simply and happily. That life is about the love and memories we share with our loved ones and the respect and love we have for nature. The dollar doesnt pull people together, it destroy us instead. I hope you will be able to continue living happily with your family and share what you do with others.
Ana USA Aloha from waimanalo and mahalo for continuing your work.
Jennifer USA Wish that there were more people like you and your family in this world. Nothing but a positive symbol of family and loving the earth around them.